Wil's Bridge Site     

With this bridge site I want to make my digital bridge material available for free to anyone who is interested in bridge. After following a bridge course, I wanted to deepen myself further in bridge, but I found that there was only a little practice material available. This is why I created this website.

The bridge site in a nutshell.

System card.
Here you will find the well-known system cards for 4-card Major and 5-card Major, which are used at bridge club competitions.
In addition, there are also more detailed system cards for both 4-card Major and 5-card Major bidding systems. These system cards give ample attention to the following bids (such as response, overcall, rebid and so on).
There are also schedules of bids according to Jacoby and Stayman after opening in 1NT and 2NT.

This chapter is very extensive and is intended as an addition to bridge courses and bridge books.
Here the bids of many games can be practiced at all levels.
The games range from simple (for example bidding without overcall) to the more difficult bids.
The bids have been made according to the system cards and schemes mentioned above.
Also, the bids according to 4-card Major and 5-card Major bidding system are to see next to each other and to compare.

65 complete rounds of 24 games are in this chapter. All these games have been played by players from all levels. The results (frequency charts) from the top level players are shown for each game.
You can choose out of games with or without bidding.
An attempt was made to make the most probable bids for the games based on the Acol 4 card Major and 5 card Major bidding systems.
For home bridge these games can be a nice source. Put the games, play and compare their own results with those of the frequency states.

An overall view (site-map) of this bridge site is shown here.

It has already been mentioned above that an attempt was made to make the most probable bids for the games based on the Acol 4 card Major and 5 card Major bidding system.
Often there are multiple bids in a game possible.
If you see an incorrect bid or you have a suggestion with regard to this bridge site, your reaction to wivabu.bridge@gmail.com is highly appreciated.

All overviews are in PDF format. With regard to printing an overview on paper, the following must be mentioned.
It is possible that your browser does not place an overview in the correct orientation or format.
A possible solution is to download the overview to your computer and then load and print it with a pdf-reader (for example Acrobat Reader). .

I wish you a lot of pleasure with this bridge site.
Wil (William) van Buuren